How to change the hash_secret of Paperclip

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Recently, In Paperclip (4.1.1) I had to change the hash_secret, which is used for the purpose of URI Obfuscation. But, the problem was that there had been many files in production generated with the old hash_secret. Simply just changing the hash_secret would invalidate all the old URL’s as paperclip does not store the URL’s of the files instead it generates using the path option given to it (which would obviously contain the :hash interpolation).

It was evident that I had to write a migration to move the already existing files from old location to new location (We were storing the files in S3). Also, I wanted the moving part to simply look like

old_object = bucket.objects[attachment.file.old_path]
new_object = bucket.objects[attachment.file.path]


In order for file.old_path to work I had to override Paperclip::Attachment and add old_path method to it. Although, it turned out that I had to override three more functions, it was worth it. Besides, this override was just a temporary one.

# config/initializers/paperclip_override.rb

require 'openssl'

module Paperclip
  class Attachment

    # Old path overrides
    def old_path(style_name = default_style)
      path = original_filename.nil? ? nil : interpolate(old_path_option, style_name)
      path.respond_to?(:unescape) ? path.unescape : path

    def old_path_option
      # Replace this with your :path option replacing :hash with :old_hash

    def old_hash_key(style_name = default_style)
      data = interpolate(@options[:hash_data], style_name)
        "<YOUR OLD HASH_SECRET>", data)

  module Interpolations
    def old_hash attachment=nil, style_name=nil
      if attachment && style_name

Here is the rake task which moves the file from old location to the new location just as I wanted it to be,

# lib/tasks/paperclip_hash_secret_migration.rake

namespace :paperclip do
  task :s3_migration => :environment do
    Attachment.all.each do |attachment|
      s3 =["credentials"])
      bucket = s3.buckets[AWS_S3["bucket_name"]]

      old_object = bucket.objects[attachment.file.old_path]
      new_object = bucket.objects[attachment.file.path]

      puts "Moving object from #{attachment.file.old_path} to #{attachment.file.path}"
      old_object.move_to(new_object, { :acl => :public_read })

      # Perform any additional operations you want with
      # old_object and new_object here.

If you are using a File Storage, then you could find appropriate ruby code to move file from one path to another on Google.

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